The Seattle Rainmakers are proud to announce Ben Wiggins as their new head coach.

“This is a great signing for us,” says Max Vitali, GM of the Rainmakers. “We’ve just hired the best Ultimate coach in the world. Ben is a great leader and understands the game better than anyone. He is dedicated to the growth of the sport, but even more importantly, he is dedicated to Seattle Ultimate.”

Wiggins is a long time player tracing his roots back to his freshman year at Oregon where he replaced basketball with frisbee. Since then he has won the Callahan, taken three club championships with Sockeye and added a couple silver medals at the World Championships for good measure. By his own estimation, he is in the twilight of his playing career, but relishes the chance to get on the field again in some capacity.

While Wiggins intends to spend much of his energy coaching, he has not ruled out the idea of playing a bit himself.

“I love the game, and I am just lucky to still have a tiny bit of career left while this is starting,” says Wiggins. “I want to be part of the next step, but the biggest reason to do this is one more chance to take the field in front of fans and test myself and my team.”

The addition of Coach Wiggins is important to the team leading up to the combines in late February. He is well-connected and well-respected among players and fans of the game. He also has great faith in the city of Seattle’s love of Ultimate.

“Seattle has an amazing Ultimate community,” says Wiggins. “There is deep talent from elementary school to grand masters and the average fans here really know their stuff. Hopefully we can show them something new and also embody that love for the game whenever we play.”

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