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The Rainmakers look for their first win of the season against the Vancouver Nighthawks at the annual Border Bid game in Mount Vernon this Saturday.

The Seattle Rainmakers (0-2) will take on the Vancouver Nighthawks (0-2) at Mount Vernon High School in Mount Vernon, WA on Saturday, April 23 at 6:30 pm. The annual Border Bid game runs at the same time as DiscNW’s Spring Reign youth tournament, held North of Seattle, and there will be a lot of enthusiastic young fans in the crowd.

The Nighthawks and the Rainmakers have identical records of two losses at the start of the 2016 season. The Rainmakers played against the division-leading Portland Stags for their first two games. The strong Portland defense in the first game rattled Seattle, and in the followup match against their Southern rivals Seattle lost their early lead by getting in their own heads. The weather in Mount Vernon on Saturday is predicted to be in the mid 50’s with a chance of rain, a climate the Rainmakers will appreciate after the record-breaking 80 degree scorcher they had for their last game against the Stags.

The Nighthawks are a young team, with a new coaching staff and twenty rookies on their team. They have lost to the San Francisco Dogfish (1-0) and the MLU West leaders the Portland Stags. As the rookie Nighthawks have more pro-level field time and the team has more experience playing together they might start to rack up more points on the board and keep the opposing offense from running up the score on them. 

Seattle is expected to make a strong showing against Vancouver. Confidence can quickly turn into overconfidence, and the Rainmakers will need to keep their heads in the game this week. Not playing in the game this week are Khalif El-Salaam, Todd Sliva and Julian Peterson, who are all on the inactive list. Dylan Harrington and Ben Wiggins are injured.  Cam Bailey is listed as probable, but don’t count on him playing.  With El-Salaam and possibly Bailey out of the picture, Brad HouserGavin McKibben, and Evan Klein are the players likely to step up in the scoring department. Houser has thrown four assists and scored six goals so far this season, and McKibben has scored and assisted three times each, and Klein has scored five goals and had one assist. Look for some first-year faces to play for the Rainmakers this game. Trey Miller caught two goals in last week’s game against Portland in nine points played, showing he is a young talent to watch. Eddie Harmoush played defense last week and had two had two half field pulls that turned into breaks for the Rainmakers. Rookies Luke Jesperson and Jonny Stacey also contributed, with one score for Jesperson and one assist for Stacey. The Nighthawks will have most of their roster available for their match against the Rainmakers. Ryley Breiddel, Ted Chu, and David Whitney-Brown will be out for Vancouver. 

Get your tickets for the game here. Can’t make it up North? Catch the game on the livestream!

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