With the Rainmakers taking a bye this weekend, now would be a great opportunity to put out some announcements and then take a look at what’s going on around the league.

First off, Seattle’s last home game takes place at Renton Memorial Stadium on Sunday, June 23 at 1:00 pm. There will be a number of promotions in the coming weeks to encourage you, the fans, to attend in person. After all, it’s the very last home game of the season.

The first promotion involves a 50% discount on entrance tickets for fans who show up to the game dressed for the theme. So what’s the theme? Well, the theme for the game is “Purple Rainmakers: Celebrating the ’80s.” We’re trying to ease you into it – hence the Backstreet Boys-inspired title of this article harkening back to the early 2000s – but start looking for those old hoop earrings and begin feathering your hair, and expect a pretty substantial makeover for the team. More on that to come…

But for now let’s take a look at the conference-wide goings-on:

Eastern Conference

Yet another Spinners loss last weekend, this time against New York, dropped Philadelphia to the bottom of the conference and essentially eliminates any hopes the team may have had of making it to the conference playoffs. They have a bye this week to regroup and will need to beat undefeated Boston at Boston the following week in order to even have a shot, but that seems pretty unlikely at this point. Boston is on top and will definitely be in the playoffs, and since the Whitecaps also have a bye this weekend, the Spinners will be hard pressed to take them down.

The second playoff spot, however, is very much up in the air between the New York Rumble and the DC Current, though New York has the odds in their favor.

After last week’s win, the Rumble are a distant second to Boston’s 8-0 record and need only a single win to defuse the DC Current, whom they face this weekend at home and next weekend in Washington. They may have only just eked out a 17-14 win against the Current in week 5, but with how hot Chris Mazur has been these past few weeks – he is now #2 in the league on points with 17 goals and 18 assists – the Rumble seem ready not only to manage a win at home, they are also poised to break into positive point differential territory (they currently sit at -5).

But don’t discount the Current just yet. DC put up a strong effort against Boston this past week and fell just short, losing 23-19 due to smart clock management by the Whitecaps. They have an uphill battle ahead of them as they will need to win all three of their remaining season games if they want to make it to the big dance, but a Boston-DC playoff is still a distinct possibility.

Western Conference

Meanwhile, back here on the best coast, the playoffs are all set. The Dogfish and the Rainmakers will see each other in Week 10 for a preview in Seattle and then the conference playoffs will be decided by the teams’ cumulative records, though with the final season game in Seattle it seems more likely that San Francisco will play host.

This weekend, Vancouver hosts the the Dogfish for their penultimate home match of the season and they’ve invited attendees of the nearby club tournament Flower Bowl to attend free of charge, even promising complementary beverage tickets to use at their awesome beer garden. So despite the Nighthawks’ elimination from the playoffs, it’s sure to be a raucous time.

The Portland Stags currently sit at the bottom of the conference standings with one win and seven losses, but with a bye this week they have a chance to regroup and, if they can pull out two home wins against Vancouver and San Francisco, they can exit the season with their heads held high.

Stay tuned for more promotion announcements, a thorough analysis of the playoff format, and previews of the Rainmakers’ upcoming games against San Francisco and Vancouver.

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