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Henry Phan #7

Height: 5’8″ Weight: 145 Age: 22

Goals: 12 Assists: 53 Blocks: 17

MLU Experience: 3

In his three seasons with the Seattle Rainmakers, Phan has been integral to the team’s D-line offense. Since he was a rookie in 2014, Phan has finished in the Top 5 in total points played for the Rainmakers each year, and the Top 3 in assists over the past two seasons. 

League-wide, Phan is one of only two players to record at least 20 assists in both 2015 and 2016 (along with Portland’s Cody Bjorklund). Possessing one of the most creative arsenal of throws in the league, Phan is a young and flashy handler that plays with the confidence of a veteran player. Talented with the disc in his hands, Phan has also developed into a phenomenal handler defender, guarding the dump option better than most of his Western Conference contemporaries.

Career Highlights:

2015 Western Conference Champion

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