Photo by Michael Bury –

Luke Jesperson #20

Height: 6’3″ Weight: 195 Age: 27

Goals: Assists: 2 Blocks: 5

MLU Experience: 1

The Seattle Rainmakers added a lot of new pieces to an already impressive veteran core in 2016, including rookie Jesperson who put together a nice first season in the MLU. Jesperson, a 6-foot-3 cutter out of the University of Puget Sound quickly established himself as a crucial member of the Rainmakers D-line. 

Jesperson, playing almost entirely on the D-line, became the kind of defender that may not appear in the boxscore, instead making his mark as close to unavailable in the opponent’s offense as possible. Jesperson does his job on defense, and he does it well. The Bismarck, N.D. native finished fourth on the team in Defensive Scoring Efficiency (DSE), leading to Seattle having one of the highest scoring defenses in the league.

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