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From Droplet to Mascot: Rainmakers Mascot Dewey Tells All

I sat down with Dewey, mascot for the Seattle Rainmakers, on the seawall at Alki Beach, overlooking Elliot Bay. It is his favorite spot in Seattle. “I can chill out and just watch my fellow drops. And there’s a chance I can find someone else to toss with, too.” Dewey is surprisingly down-to-earth for a professional sports mascot. “Look, it’s just how I am. I try to stay humble. I only started last year, and I’m growing with the sport. I know I can pump up Seattle, but I’m not cocky like some other team reps I know like that Moose. Boy, is that dude annoying.” Though Dewey knocks on the cherished Mariner Moose, he says that Blitz is his idol. “Just look at the way he can get the crowd going! Loudest stadium in the country. And it shows! Those Seahawks really get a boost from the hometown noise. I hope that I can be as good as Blitz one day.”

Dewey opened up about his upbringing. “I started out as a little droplet in the water system. I grew up over the Pacific Ocean, then I did some volunteer work on some thunderstorms and an internship during a couple of monsoon seasons in India. When the Rainmakers approached me to become their mascot in 2015, how could I refuse? I mean, they’re called the RAINmakers! I love getting the fans to Make It Rain!” On the topic of making it rain, some have criticized Dewey for causing the wettest winter on record for Seattle. When I asked Dewey about the record amount of rain in 2015, he shook his head. “Look, it wasn’t my fault. My buddy El Niño was supposed to keep it warm and dry this winter, but he obviously didn’t get the “dry” part. I’m not saying that the crowd at a Rainmakers game doesn’t send a lot of rainy energy out there, but it usually clears up in a day or two.”

When asked what he does in the offseason, Dewey did admit to participating in some rainstorms. “It’s freelance work. I gotta keep my hand in the game. But I’m just one raindrop in the drizzle. Weather, like ultimate, is a team sport.” Even though he played it off, this reporter is not convinced of his innocence in the rain total.

Dewey says that he works hard at every game to help the fans have fun and the Rainmakers win games. “I love the fans! I am so honored that they helped name me last year. I especially love the droplets, I mean kids,” he says, with a winning smile. “If you see me at a game, be sure to come up and say hi! I love selfies too #rainisbeautiful #makeitrain.” Dewey was born on Earth Day, April 22, and he will be celebrating with his fans at the Border Bid game on April 23 in Mount Vernon

Dewey knows he has an important job supporting the Rainmakers. “We won the Western Conference last year, but couldn’t clinch the final. I blame myself,” he says, a small tear rolling down his big blue face. “I couldn’t come east. I can’t do planes, the air doesn’t agree with me. I’ve been out networking, though, and I’ve got thousands of little droplets all deputized for away games this year. Whenever I can’t be there in person to help the Rainmakers, my Dewey Droplets will shower the field with Seattle Spirit!” Uh, thanks Dewey. I’m sure the players and fans will remember you as they share in the damp Seattle Spirit whenever you Make It Rain on them this season.

See Dewey and all of the Rainmakers in action at their Season Opener against the Portland Stags at Rainer Beach High School on April 17th at 1pm.

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