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Khalif El-Salaam has been awarded the Week 6 Friction Gloves Catch of the Week, his second play of the week award of the season.

El-Salaam’s layout catch stood out as one of the defining moments in the Rainmakers’ tight 25-23 victory over the Stags.

Portland’s Adam Ferrea backed El-Salaam and was in a perfect position to get a D off of Danny Trytiak’s huck. This play is a case study in why defenders should always catch their Ds.

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“I knew that he was going to get it, and I was OK with that,” said El-Salaam. “But the rule is if you’re going to make a mistake, do it at 100%. Since I messed up, I had to at least sprint to try to catch the disc. As soon as I saw him swipe at it instead of catch it, I knew that I had a chance to make a play. I got a quick read on the disc and knew that I needed to go up way earlier than my defender in order to have any play on the disc, so that’s what I did.”

In hindsight, El-Salaam does have one regret about the aftermath of the play.

“When I caught it, the first thing that came into my mind was, ‘OH MAMA!’” he said. “I should have high-fived my defender – that wasn’t the best reflection on me spirit-wise and I acknowledge that. He played great D and the only reason I had to make the play was because he was in the right position.”

Though Seattle has a bye this week, fans can look forward to seeing El-Salaam battle it out with Ferrea and the Stags once more at their final home game on June 14th.

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