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Seattle announced on Thursday that Henry Phan has agreed to a 2-year Rainmakers contract.

In the 2014 season, his first with Seattle, the defensive handler made seven defensive plays and scored 15 points on two goals and 13 assists. Born and raised in Seattle, Phan was a key piece to the Rainmakers’ success in the early part of the season, and it’s no wonder that General Manager Rusty Brown wanted to secure the organization’s future this offseason.

“You look at Henry and from an organizational standpoint you think he has it all: skills, youth, athleticism, experience and he’s from here in Seattle,” said Brown. “I can’t help but to compare him to a DeAndre Yedlin who played for the Seattle Sounders. He’s that hometown talent every organization needs to solidify ties to the community.”

Phan, who attended Franklin High School in Seattle, is proud to be playing for his hometown. He works for the All Girl Everything Ultimate Program (AGE UP), a local youth organization that helps young female ultimate players identify with the community around them and talk about the social issues plaguing Seattle neighborhoods.

“I owe it to the city of Seattle for making me the player and person I am today, and I think this team bests represents Seattle,” said Phan. “Plus, my boy Khalif is coming back and that’s always a game changer. Also, I like to make it rain.”

Phan already has extensive experience in his young career, including stints on the U19 U.S. Mixed Team as well as Ghetto Birds the Seattle mixed team that lost in the finals of the 2014 USAU Championships.

“When I signed Henry, I told him, ‘You go out and play. You show other teams and crowds what I already know about your capabilities,'” said Brown. Phan joins El-Salaam, Mark Burton and Eddie Feeley as the fourth player in two weeks to sign a multi-year contract.

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  1. Papa Henry

    Henry played on the U19 US Boys team and played for Franklin HS but didn’t attend there. 🙂


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