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The Seattle Rainmakers (5-2) will travel to take on the San Francisco Dogfish (1-5) in a game that may determine who gets the second seed for the Western Conference Finals.

Twenty-three Rainmakers will fly down to San  Francisco this weekend to play the Dogfish. Julian Peterson is out for the season and Spencer Sheridan is probably out of this game with a knee injury, but they will still support Seattle from the sidelines. Khalif El-SalaamChristian Brink, Daniel Trytiak, and Matthew Neeley are on the inactive list for this game. Daniel Greeley and Jonathan Masler are listed as probable to play, while Gavin McKibben is listed as questionable.With Trytiak and possibly McKibben out for another game, the offensive line handlers will be stretched again. El-Salaam will miss a chance to get back on the leaderboards for points scored, but Evan Klein and Brad Houser have shown that they are capable of running up the score on their own. Trey Miller will be back this week after being out for a month. The Dogfish have nine players on their injury report, but six are listed as probable to play, including linchpins Gabe Saunkeah, second for SF scoring, and Nate Young, second for goals.Streaming and download The Hollow (2016)

The Rainmakers last game against the Dogfish was a blowout, with a 29-16 final score. Seattle’s 13 point differential was the highest all season, and they scored the most points in a game for the MLU this season. That game was the second game of a doubleheader weekend for the Dogfish, with a late game that went into double overtime the previous night and a evening bus ride down from Vancouver that left the Dogfish tired. The Rainmakers know that San Francisco was not playing at their best that game, and they are excited for a rematch. Henry Phan said that he is pumped for the game. “Honestly, I try to treat every game the same but I do love flying down to San Fran once a season to give them a good game,” said Phan. Dylan Harrington said that he’s, “definitely looking forward to our game against the Dogfish,” and that he, “expect[s] that being fully rested and playing on their home turf will make [the Dogfish] a much stronger opponent that the last time we went up against them.”

The Portland Stags have already qualified for the Western Conference Finals, and as the first seed they will be hosting the game in Portland on June 25th. With their 5-2 record, the Rainmakers only need one more win to qualify. San Francisco has a 1-5 record, and they could make it to the playoffs if they sweep their next four games and if Seattle loses their next three games. This game will be one to watch for fans of West Coast Ultimate to see who will play the Stags in the finals.

Get tickets for the Saturday, June 4, 3 pm PST game vs the Dogfish here, or watch it on livestream!  

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