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The Seattle Rainmakers confirmed yesterday that Khalif El-Salaam and Henry Phan will return to the roster in 2016.

The Seattle Rainmakers confirmed yesterday that Henry Phan and Khalif El-Salaam will both be returning to the team for 2016.  Both Phan and El-Salaam signed multi-year deals with the Rainmakers in 2015.


El-Salaam and Phan are close friends, playing together for years. (Photo by Kevin Leclaire –

Phan (5’8″, 145lbs) signed a two-year deal with the Rainmakers after a successful rookie year in 2014.  As a rookie, Phan tallied 2 goals, 13 assists (t-5th on the team) and 6 blocks on 161 points played for the Rainmakers, an impressive first season for the young handler out of Franklin High School in Seattle.  In 2015, Phan improved on those numbers, putting up 6 goals, 20 assists (3rd on the team) and 6 blocks on 193 points played (2nd on the team) during the Rainmakers run to a Western Conference title. Phan was recently featured on the league’s new video series – Disc and Dat.

El-Salaam (5’11”, 170lbs) is entering the second year of a three-year pact he signed with the Rainmakers after being named  MLU Breakout Player of the Year in 2014.  After scoring 3 goals with 2 assists and 2 blocks on 97 points played during his rookie year for the Portland Stags, El-Salaam excelled in 2014 after signing with Seattle, scoring 20 goals with 12 assists and 4 blocks on 135 points played.  A product of University of Washington, El-Salaam had a strong season (16 G, 14 A, 4 B, 125 PP) with the Rainmakers in 2015, bringing his career numbers to 39 goals, 28 assists and 10 blocks.  His 2015 was particularly impressive, putting up those numbers even after missing the first 4 games.


Khalif El-Salaam (Photo by Sandy Canetti –

Both significant parts of the Rainmakers throughout the season, Phan and El-Salaam were forced to miss the Western Conference playoff game against the Stags, as they we playing for Team USA at the U-23 World Championships in London. As their teammates punched their tickets to the MLU Championship, Phan and El-Salaam let their excitement be known from the other side of the globe.

The Rainmakers will look to return to the MLU Championship in 2016, and Phan and El-Salaam is a good place to start building a core of returning veterans.


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