The MLU announced earlier this week that Khalif El-Salaam had earned the Spikeball Defensive Play of the Week with his layout D on Vancouver captain Morgan Hibbert.

El-Salaam’s bookends – a defensive play followed by a goal on the same point – were a major turning point in Seattle’s 20-15 victory over the Nighthawks.

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“I knew since Morgan was such a deep threat his throwers would blindly throw it to him underneath expecting me to be giving him tons of steps,” said El-Salaam. “All I had to do was pick the right throw and be ready to pull the trigger. There was some contact through the block but I believe I got the disc first. If the refs would have blown the whistle I wouldn’t have made a fuss about it, but since they didn’t I did what I do best and took off for the end zone. Mario ripped a great shot and I was able to complete the bookends. I hope to get many more blocks in the games going forward.”

Unfortunately, fans won’t be able to see El-Salaam repeat his performance this weekend against San Francisco as he will be playing at D-I college regionals with the University of Washington Sundodgers. Look for a big return in Week 5 when the Rainmakers go north of the border to once more take on the Vancouver Nighthawks. Will El-Salaam be able to repeat his incredible performance? Get your tickets or catch the game as it streams live to find out.

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