The massive tornado that ripped through the suburbs of Oklahoma City has left a path of devastation that will never be forgotten.

Images of displaced families, razed elementary schools, and decimated communities have dominated the news for days now, but the affected families of Moore, Oklahoma will experience the effects of the tornado for many years to come.

There are many amazing people and organizations already on the ground in Oklahoma. Rescue teams are working around the clock in dangerous situations. Relief is pouring in for the hurt and displaced. Such is the generosity of this country and it’s people. In times of need there are so many who will rush to lend a hand.

We can always do more. We also believe in the generosity of the Ultimate community and know that all of you will offer what help you can to those who have lost their homes, and in too many cases, those they loved.

For the next week, the MLU will donate one dollar of every ticket sold to relief efforts associated with this tornado. Proceeds will go to the OKStrong Disaster Relief Fund which is dedicated to addressing the long term needs of those affected by this disaster. Those inspired to give themselves can do so through the OKStrong site. Spread the word using the Twitter handle, #MLUCares.

If you’re planning on attending the final two Rainmakers home games on June 1 and June 23, we encourage you to purchase your tickets now to donate to a great cause.

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