An early and likely season-ending injury for Seth Wiggins trips up the Rainmakers’ stride as they slip to second place in the Western Conference.

In Seattle’s first away game and first loss of the season, the team suffered a significant blow to their already diminished roster in the form of an injury to defensive cutter Seth Wiggins.

As is the case with so many athletes caught up in the heat of the moment, Wiggins still isn’t quite sure what happened.

“It was the last play of the first quarter,” he remembers. “I went up for a disc and there was a crowd of people around. I hit one of them or something and I guess I put my hand back to try to catch myself.”

And in that attempt to break his fall, he inadvertently put himself in a dangerous position. With 35 seconds left on the clock (fans and WebMD aficionados can watch the play unfold at the about the 51 minute mark in the full game video), the pull from San Francisco goes up. Seattle turns the disc with a long distance hammer, but a tip from Travis gives Wiggins a play on the disc. He goes up and over two Dogfish players to make the D with only 12 seconds left and gets up, seemingly fine, but as Wiggins left the field he recalls noticing a strange feeling in his hand.

“It was fairly numb right after impact, and that plus a healthy dose of shock did me pretty much fine until I got to the hospital,” he said. “A couple hours afterwards, before it was reset, I found a new level of pain when I tried to move around with it. After that there was some dull aching but that’s to be expected and wasn’t that bad.”

Wiggins immediately went from the field to a nearby hospital where he was treated and told that he would need surgery for the fracture between the knuckle and tip of his thumb, the distal phalange. But he sought a second opinion when he got back to Seattle with a specialist who has treated him before and was told that the path to recovery might not require surgery.

“When I was in the ER in San Francisco they thought I did, and talking to a surgeon up here, she thought I didn’t,” said Wiggins. “I trust her a lot more than I trust the people in San Francisco just because I know her from the last time with the thumb, and I think she’s great.”

Either way, Wiggins says, “we’ll know for sure in about 10 days.”

So what happens to the rest of the team? Wiggins is frustrated to be out, but he doesn’t expect that his injury will be terribly detrimental to the rest of the Rainmakers’ season.

“I was pretty limited in my throwing ability before the injury because this is the second time I’ve broken the thumb. Throwing-wise, I was one of the worst on the team, so that’s not going to be that hard to fill. Experience-wise, I’m sure other guys will be able to step up and fill my role just as well. I’m confident that the team will be just as good going forward.“

But don’t expect Wiggins to disappear. He expects to be wearing a cast for approximately the next six weeks and then will begin working on getting back his strength and mobility with rehab, but, as evidenced by his performance in the Ultimate documentary Chasing Sarasota, Wiggins can be just as effective a leader from the sidelines as he is on the field.

How will the Rainmakers perform against archrival Vancouver without their first signing? Get your tickets and find out at their next game, which takes place in the early afternoon on Sunday, May 12th.

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