In collaboration with RISE UP, the Seattle Rainmakers will be hosting a youth clinic called RISE UP Kids on May 12th, engaging youth fans and their families in an intimate learning experience with the professional players on the team.

RISE UP created Ultimate’s first professional instructional video series, designed specifically for players and teams who want to elevate their game but lack access to high level players and knowledge to help them improve. Their mission is to improve the level of play of Ultimate teams and players through the creation of engaging instructional videos created by experts.

Both the Rainmakers and RISE UP firmly believe that the future of the sport lies with our youth, and with the passion, expertise, and organization between them, this community event is sure to spark some fires.

“RISE UP Kids is all about building strong relationships between kids, families, the players, and the Rainmakers organization,” said RISE UP Producer/Creative Director and Rainmakers #3 Mario O’Brien. “We want everyone to have a fun, meaningful, and memorable experience that makes them fall in love with Seattle Ultimate”

RISE UP Kids will be a fantastic opportunity for Seattle area youth – and their parents – to gain exclusive access to the knowledge and experience of professional Ultimate players. Anyone and everyone under the age of 16 is invited, regardless of skill level.

The cost per registrant shall be $25. The RISE UP Kids clinic includes a 90-minute workshop the morning of Sunday, May 12th with Rainmaker players Tyler Kinley, BJ Sefton, Mario O’Brien, and possibly more. Registrants will also receive complimentary tickets for that afternoon’s home game against the Vancouver Nighthawks, where they’ll have exclusive field-side access to the Rainmakers’ pre-game warm up, enjoy preferred seating during the game, and be featured at halftime to showcase their skills in front of hundreds of cheering fans.

The Seattle Rainmakers and RISE UP are excited to see you at RISE UP Kids on May 12th before their next home game at Chief Sealth Stadium. The clinic begins at 10:00 a.m.  Register here.

You can watch RISE UP instructional videos and learn more at  

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  1. Shannon

    The 12th is a Sunday! not a Saturday as listed above.. just don’t want anyone to be confused and miss it! Super awesome clinic, will be sure to tell all my kids about it!

    • Craig Becker

      Whoops! Thanks for catching that, Shannon. This has been corrected.


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