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One of the youngest players at the Combine, Allan Laviolette is a standout star in the Seattle area.

Seattle native Allan Laviolette, age 23, was signed after phenomenal showings at both the U-23 and Open Combines, but don’t let his age fool you. An absolute standout at the Rainmaker Combine, Laviolette showed tenacity on defense that belied his age, and an understanding of the game that’s usually reserved for far more seasoned players. His ceiling is sky-high, but he has the tools and ability to contribute to the Rainmakers right away this season.

His playing experience with the Nathan Hale Raiders, MoHo, DIRT and Bigfoot, with career highlights at the 2007 YCC Championships and NW All-Region team in 2012, have allowed him to springboard up to the MLU after nine years of playing the sport.

General Manager of the Seattle Rainmakers Max Vitali had this to say: “Investing in youth is going to be key for the future success of the Rainmakers as the team and the MLU as a league continue to grow. Allan’s raw talent is a bonus for the Rainmakers, though, as we see him making an immediate impact on the team. We can’t wait to watch him grow, but we’re expecting some great things from him this season.”

Laviolette couldn’t be more excited himself: “Seattle is my hometown and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to represent the city and the sport that I love. This will be the third time Ben Wiggins will be my coach and I can’t say enough great things about the man. He was absolutely the best choice for this team and he’s going to do some wonderful things with the talent he has at his disposal.”

Expect to see Laviolette on the D-line handling and cutting against the Vancouver Nighthawks at home on April 20.

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