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Making Ds like nobody’s business, #22 Sean Sears is making a splash with his incredible speed and incomparable field awareness.

While he might not be the biggest name in Seattle Ultimate yet, Sears made a real statement last week against the Portland Stags, making it clear that he’s a force to be reckoned with.

“In the moment, I didn’t really think about it that much,” Sears said of the highlight play. “I saw the swing pass to Khalif [El-Salaam] was hanging up in the air and just thought I could make a play on it, so I did. I do remember being pretty upset when I heard the whistle followed by the foul call, but it’s not my place to argue with the refs. And we ended up winning, so that’s all that matters.”

Sears got his start playing with the Western Washington University A Team, DIRT, playing from 2007 until he graduated in 2010. He then quickly moved into the club scene, playing for men’s squads Emerald City Ultimate and Voodoo before picking up with Great Northern Ultimate, helping the mixed team make a strong showing at last year’s club regionals.

In characteristic humor and humility, Sears credits “almost winning a tournament once” as one of his crowning achievements on the field. While it’s admirable that he’s been so humble, he really has no reason to be. Sears is averaging 0.75 blocks a point off the bench.

“I’ve known Double-S since he was a freshman at Western,” said Assistant Coach Andy Lovseth. “In the last seven years, Sean has worked incredibly hard to become the Ultimate player he is today. His grit has seen him turn into a defensive machine, winning the skies and getting block after block. His athleticism can surprise you because he’s so unassuming. I mean, did you see that sky against PDX? Ridiculous.”

This is Sears’s fifth season being coached by Ben Wiggins and, in keeping with his understated nature, he noted, “it’s pretty cool to have him as a coach again.”

“I’m just really excited to be playing with the Rainmakers,” he said. “This is easily the most talented team I have ever been a part of and I’m having a great time playing with everyone.”

Halfway through the season, Sears has very high hopes for the Rainmakers. “The team seems to be improving every week and I think at this rate we have a very good chance of making the conference finals and hopefully even winning the first ever MLU title for Seattle.”

Fans of Sears unfortunately won’t be able to see him in action against Vancouver this weekend due to an excused absence, but he’ll be back next weekend at the Rainmakers’ new home stadium in Renton playing against the Portland Stags.

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