The Seattle Rainmakers return to Renton Memorial Stadium for the 2014 MLU Season.

Home games at Renton Memorial Stadium are all currently slated for Saturdays – April 19 and May 4 against San Francisco, May 31 against Vancouver, and June 14 against Portland (the April 26 home game against Vancouver will be played at Mount Vernon High School near Burlington, WA as the Rainmakers are an event sponsor for the DiscNW tournament, Spring Reign).

Renton Memorial Stadium offers covered seating, which should come in handy given the precipitation forecast, and will be able to comfortably fit more than 5,500 fans. This is a phenomenal venue to showcase the Rainmakers’ talents.

“The feel of Renton Memorial Stadium is so professional, from the upkeep of the lawns to the press box to the locker rooms,” said General Manager Rusty Brown.

The stadium’s pristine turf field runs from east to west and though the seats are covered, fans can expect some strategy to be based on the presence – or absence – of external conditions. Crossfield winds would encourage strong forces in man defense and also give the opportunity to deploy some dynamic zone defense options. On the other side of the disc, throwers who can break the mark with the wind will be rewarded with a big field (it is 53 ⅓ yds after all), while gusts of wind will punish throwers who don’t put enough spin into their throws.

“It’s a beautiful facility in the heart of Renton’s commercial core. There are shops and malls all around before and after the games,” said Brown. “Renton’s staff have welcomed us back with open arms and while it’s outside of Seattle, it’s really quite a convenient place for a family for the day.”

Operations and events staff are already in talks with several different food trucks who will be present at each game, so there will be no shortage of food and drink to grab when there’s a break in the action.

There’s also ample free parking for vehicles and tailgating, plus a separate entrance for acts that are already being secured by the team’s Director of Events Kristina Kyees. Big announcements are coming on that front as the 2014 games approach.

Tickets for each home game, as well as discounted season tickets officially go on sale today. Season ticket holder benefits include a free gift and special invitations to exclusive Rainmakers events.

Directions to the stadium can be found here.

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