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Seattle (4-5) takes the four-hour bus ride south this weekend to take on the Portland Stags (7-2) for their last showing of the 2014 MLU season. With a win apiece against one another, this game decides the Portland-Seattle series.

Despite this being the Rainmakers’ last match of the season, they wish their southern rivals well, even defector Mark Burton.

“I’m not quite sure what his motives were [switching from Seattle to Portland],” said offensive cutter Danny Trytiak. “It is fun to see how other teams play and to play with other players, so maybe that is why. Or maybe he knew they would be the best team in the league this year. Either way, I am really happy for his and the Stags’ success this year.”

Or their success after this game anyway. The Rainmakers look poised to end the season on a high note as they bring their cadre of elite players on the road.

“We know that each player on this team has the ability to execute our on-field team goals perfectly,” said offensive handler Sam Pickel. “If we stick to the system and can rally around some big individual performances, then this game should be as close as last weekend.”

One of the factors working against the Rainmakers this week is the small roster they’ll be bringing to South Eugene High School to face the Stags.

“Short numbers is always rough, it’s something that has plagued us all year,” said Trytiak. “I think we match-up very well against Portland though. The game will be hard but I don’t think they will put up Nighthawks numbers on us.”

With the Stags playing only one game this weekend, the Rainmakers know they’ll have to leave everything out on the field.

“This weekend, we have all the personnel we need,” said Beehner. “Gavin McGibben and Chris Rupp have put up remarkable stats this year for catches and completions. Henry Phan is returning to the D-line after missing the last couple games, and I have every confidence that he will match well with Eli Freidman. Portland simply cannot stop Khalif El-Salaam, Rory Gallagher or Bryson Uhrig-Fox. They just don’t have an answer for them. Todd Sliva is going to avenge last weekend by unleashing his wrath on the Stags offense and raining fire from the skies.”

Unfortunately for fans who can’t make the trip, this game is not being streamed live, but keep your eyes here for real time statistics when the first pull goes up at 6:00 p.m.

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