The Rainmakers defeated the Stags 19-14 on a rainy Saturday evening in Portland.  On the heels of a huge upset win against San Francisco, Portland’s home crowd was fired up again in the hopes of duplicating the feat.  And for a little while it looked like they might get their way.

Once again, the home team in Oregon got on a run in the fourth quarter.  The Stags held for a point, following it up with two breaks, to make the score 17-13. But the Rainmakers would not yield.  Every time Portland gained momentum, Seattle allayed their progress, led by cutter Phil Murray, who accounted for five of the Rainmakers’ goals himself.

On the Stags final effort, Seattle stopped Portland’s run and responded with a break of their own.  The clock was on the Rainmakers’ side and time ran out, even as Portland earned a last score in garbage time.

The gap between the top two Dogfish and Rainmakers compared with the bottom two Nighthawks and Stags continues to widen. With San Francisco dominating Vancouver 23-13, Seattle is securely in second place in the western conference.

Seattle began the game with a lightning attack.  Cutter Danny Trytiak caught a quick pass in the middle of the field and then sent a long backhand huck to a streaking Mark Burton. 1-0 Seattle. Time elapsed: 14 seconds.

The rest of the first quarter went much the same way.  Seattle’s D line was was able to convert the second point through an interception that number 25 Frank Barich made look easy.  Seattle was able to convert the break through an easy throw from Tyler Kinley to Jacob Speidel.

Seattle earned another break to jump out to a quick 3-0 lead. The two teams traded points throughout the rest of the quarter en route to a 5-2 Rainmakers advantage.  Seattle earned another break in the second quarter and led 9-5 at half.

The half time show at Roosevelt High School in Portland (not to be confused with RHS in Seattle) included a dance off won via the Truffle Shuffle of Goonies fame, an acrobatic rendition of Singing in the Rain, and a majestic hula hoop dance by a local performer.

The second half started out with a break by Portland off of a Seattle turnover Seattle held the next point off of a score from Tyler Kinley to Phil Murray.  Murray spiked the disc in the endzone, but unintentionally in the direction of the referee, earning a technical foul and the orange band.

The band didn’t seem to slow Murray down though.  Just a few points later, Murray made a massive catch for a score.  Cutting out of the stack, he stumbled from contact with his mark even as Daniel Karlinsky put up a huck.  Tracking the disc the whole way, the cutter sprinted to the endzone and made a spectactular one handed grab, one of the most athletic plays of the day, with a quote to match: “Finally got my deep cuts going. BOOMERS.”

Finally, be sure to get out the leather and join us for 80’s night on June 1st versus the Portland Stags at Renton Memorial Stadium.  First pull is at 1 PM.

Next weekend’s game on the 25th is away at Vancouver.  Stay tuned!

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