Earlier this month, Erik Doesburg, Elliot Trotter, Gemma Pérez, and GM Max Vitali joined the Boys and Girls Club of King County to lead kids in an Ultimate skills clinic.

Over 400 kids showed up to participate in a round robin day of sports, which included soccer, football, rugby, volleyball, kickball, and Ultimate. Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island was packed with 8-14 year-olds eager to learn the basics of the sport from professional players.

The clinic started on a cloudy morning at 10 o’clock. The four Rainmakers began with the three standard Ultimate throws: hammer, forehand, and backhand.

After the throwing drills, they were split into groups to work on catching the disc. When it was time to learn the alligator catch, the kids were up for the challenge, even adding their own alligator sound effects. “Teaching 400 [kids] the basics of Ultimate and alligator catch was no small task,” said Trotter. “But seeing the smiles on their faces as these kids caught the Pulsar, some of them for the first time in their life perhaps, was priceless.”

4 Rainmakers teaching 400 kids doesn’t add up on paper, but their eclectic mix of personalities worked to their advantage. Trotter said, “Humorously, as the most native English speaker of the three of us (Erik = Dutch, Max = Italian, Gemma = Spanish) I did most of the talking, but the kids became quite fascinated by Erik’s height and Max’s antics.”

As the last group finished up their drill, the Rainmakers pulled the kids together for a “Seattle Ultimate” cheer, followed by sandwiches from the event’s sponsor, Subway. The day was a huge success, a fun-filled introduction to one of the fastest growing sports in the nation.

We’ll keep you informed on the upcoming charity and team events the Rainmakers will host throughout the off-season.


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