Seattle dropped from the fourth to the fifth spot in this week’s MLU Power Rankings, sinking to the bottom half of both their conference and the league, but it appears they couldn’t be less concerned about it.

“I’m in the ‘I absolutely, positively, 100% do not care about this’ camp,” said Matty Zemel. “I’d rather focus on my own team playing their best on the road.”

But rather than getting overly psyched up or psyched out about the road game against an undefeated team, Zemel stresses that he is happily anticipating the next challenge.

“I’m looking forward to playing against a new opponent,” he said.

Stay tuned for a preview of tomorrow evening’s matchup against Portland.

In his final comment, Zemel had some choice words for the Eastern Conference bias so consistently demonstrated in these. But rather than focus on the nameless and faceless MLU Power Rankers, Zemel singled out a Seattle native who defected to the East Coast and now plays for the D.C. Current.

“I don’t think it matters what hair length or facial hair you throw on Nate Castine, he’s still the ugliest player in the game.”

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  1. Seattle Fan

    How is this still a story? I like Seattle, but they seem really focused on saying they’re not focused on stinking. And attempting to blast the East Coast teams while they’re at it. Unfortunately for their sake, I think they’re conveniently forgetting that they’re not the Sockeye team that made the finals of Club Nationals last year. They’re a very mediocre team and the only team with a loss to the lowly Dogfish.


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