One moment of glory that stands out from last week’s heartbreaking loss against the Dogfish was Erik Doesburg’s ridiculous layout grab over not one but two opposing defenders.

It helps that Doesburg, Seattle #35, hails from the Netherlands, the tallest nation in the world on average, but it was pure athleticism that allowed him to propel his lean 6’6” frame over San Francisco’s David Abram and Andrew Hagen.

Check the video:

Here’s what Erik had to say:

It was very exciting to make that catch and to see it on video later.

I think there were only a couple of seconds left in the half. So after the drop I just went deep. I don’t really know exactly how I was able to make a play on it. I think it hung out of reach of the defender on the left, just long enough for me to get up over him. I landed on top of him so that’s why I checked in to see whether he was ok.

We were on super high energy after that catch. I definitely felt the adrenaline pumping.

Doesburg will receive a pair of Friction Gloves, probably size one million, in recognition of his amazing catch. If there’s any catch that should be on SportsCenter’s Top 10, it should be Doesburg’s. Retweet “This catch by Eric Doesburg has to be on #SCTop10. @SportsCenter @SportsNation” to help him get there.

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