Last weekend, Rainmakers Strength and Conditioning Coach Ren Caldwell took several hours out of her busy schedule to create a series of Ultimate-specific instructional videos.

These videos take a look at some of the challenges faced by Ultimate players, from unique movement patterns and muscle groups used in ways not found in other sports, and addresses them point by point.

This first series of videos includes footage of Rainmakers Donnie Clark and Erik Doesburg as well as Seattle Ultimate veteran Michael “MC” Caldwell, and covers such diverse topics as running form, hamstring injury prevention (and rehabilitation), the importance of core stability, and more. Whether you’ve just been introduced to the sport or are an experienced Ultimate player looking to make the jump to the professional circuit, you’ll definitely want to check these short films out as they get released on the MLU homepage later this month. Keep your eyes peeled!

For more information on Ren and her movement-focused brand of fitness and health education, visit, or check her out on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

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