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The Rainmakers may be out of contention for the title, but that doesn’t mean they’re done for the season. Seattle’s own Ted Werbel is flying out to Philadelphia to host the MLU Championship game and finish up the 2014 season in style.

For the ultimate Ultimate experience, Werbel highly encourages fans to attend games in person.

“Coming to a game is way different than watching it online,” said Werbel. “Anyone who has been to a Rainmakers game can tell you that the crowd can affect what is happening on the field. I am lucky enough to be the one to encourage the fans to get involved.”

Werbel’s engaging style of hosting has been a major factor in making the experience at Rainmakers home games unlike any other in the league. His love of the game and his unrelenting dedication to making the fan experience as positive as possible was recognized by Commissioner Jeff Snader and the team at MLU Headquarters when they were hunting for a host for the Championship game.

“I love ultimate, and I believe in professional ultimate,” said Werbel. “There is no reason that the times in between points can’t be as exciting and entertaining as game points. I am able to help keep the roots of ultimate, the Spirit of the Game, alive and thriving with the fans and event attendees. Unlike most other MLU hosts, I come from a ultimate background. I understand the game. I have personal relationships with players on all of the Western Conference teams. I am friends with a lot of the people who come to the games. I am an easy target for a lot of heckles, and rightfully so. However, I am quick to heckle right back at the fans, players and MLU staff members. I think of myself as a professional heckler more than a professional ultimate host. This job didn’t exist four years ago, so when I was offered this position, I was lucky enough to make it what I wanted it to be.”

With Werbel’s vision and the coordination of the Rainmakers operations team behind him, Seattle boasted huge attendance numbers over the course of the season and the players were delighted by their fans’ overwhelming enthusiasm.

Even though the Rainmakers won’t be playing, Werbel can barely contain his excitement for the coming weekend.

“I have been saving a special suit for the MLU Championship game all season long, as well as my finest sneakers,” he said. “All I want to do is make the event fun for the entire family.  I cannot wait for the opportunity to help entertain the massive crowd at PPL Park.”

For those who aren’t able to make it to the game with tickets in hand, MLU’s live stream will be up in full force at 3:30 p.m. PT. While those seven cameras are sweeping the stadium, look for perfectly coifed hair, a finely pressed suit and some of the illest kicks you’ve ever laid eyes on. That’s our Ted. Be sure to follow him on Twitter as he prepares for the big day.

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