Photos by Tino Tran

Wednesday, March 6…

7:30 pm…

Moderate rain…

Do you know where your Rainmakers are?

Rainmakers1It may have been just another Wednesday night everywhere else, but at the Delridge Playfields the Rainmakers made it rain. Hard.

Players arrived in droves at the West Seattle turf fields well before the official practice start time to toss and play small warm-up games, and Head Coach Ben Wiggins promptly kicked off at 7:30 pm PST with a brisk jog and plyometric warm-up routine. After a brief moment of confusion with a community soccer team, the team moved to the correct field and quickly went into a tight huddle.

“Today, we’re going to work on using the width of the field,” said Coach Wiggins.

He then put the players through their paces with a variety of offensive and defensive drills designed to help the players explore the massive real estate opportunities presented by the MLU field.

Before breaking for water, the Rainmakers came in together for a quick word from Coach Wiggins about the tone of the practice: “I’m loving how hardworking we are right now, we’re really getting after it. But we can also afford to go a little this way,” he indicated with both hands, “on the fun-to-serious spectrum.”


For the last 45 minutes of practice, Coach Wiggins transitioned the team to more of a game-like situation: seven-on-seven, starting at half field. Despite the worsening rain and variable gusts of wind, the Rainmakers continued to play hard. But perhaps even more impressive for the newly formed Rainmakers than their coordination and high level of play was the constant stream of constructive chatter coming from the sidelines. For a roster that was only finalized on Wednesday, February 27, it’s easy to tell that this is going to be a very tight knit team.

Just how tight, you ask? Get your tickets for the Saturday, April 20 game against the Vancouver Nighthawks to find out!

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