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After a powerful performance last year, number 77 Elliot Trotter brings his skills back to the Seattle Rainmakers for another season in 2014.

The 5-foot-8-inch Trotter’s track background is evident on the field, where he is one of the fastest players Seattle has to offer. He posted some of the best sprint times at the 2014 combine. Add the ability to play the handler or cutter positions with his ambidextrous throwing capability, and Trotter is truly a multi-threat player.

“The Rainmakers represent the best platform in Seattle to promote the sport and positively connect with people all over,” said Trotter.

Trotter  first started playing Ultimate in his senior year of high school in Highland Park, Illinois.

“All of my nerdy friends started playing with their physics teacher,” said Trotter. “I was running track at the time, but loved playing the game because I could use my speed to run down discs.”

Trotter  moved out west for college to attend the University of Puget Sound and impressed the men’s team, the Postmen, as a freshman. Captaining as a sophomore, he helped build the team into one of the top Division III programs in the nation. Beyond college, Trotter’s resume includes three years on club team Seattle Voodoo, with a captaining stint in 2012.

“Elliot has consistently been a leader on Voodoo for the last three years,” said teammate Ben Beehner.  “There are few players out there who exhibit his athleticism and confidence on the field.”

Off the field, Trotter has earned notoriety as an entrepreneur and the founder of Skyd Magazine, a major media site dedicated to covering the sport of Ultimate.

“Skyd launched in 2010 but really started to develop back when I was running tournaments with teammate Skip Sewell,” said Trotter. “We talked a lot about Ultimate’s need for a voice and when we launched Skyd in 2010 we sought to fill that gap. I’m really proud of what Skyd has become today. It’s a symbol of quality and a celebration of our sport.”

As Skyd’s Editor-in-Chief, Trotter works extremely hard to bring the best Ultimate coverage to all of us, but it’s not without its perks.

“Traveling the world to play and cover Ultimate is the best. Right now, I’m focusing my time on a project called Ultimate Globe Trotter which is a travel-focused web series about the sport of Ultimate,” said Trotter.

“I’m in Melbourne, Australia right now, preparing to compete at the Australian National Championships with the Heads of State. Just a week ago I was in Auckland, New Zealand playing at the New Zealand National Championships with Magon, where we took silver. Before that, I was in Boracay, Philippines training and competing with the Boracay Dragons on the beach.”

Trotter’s coverage of his travels will be released in video episodes in May 2014.

With Trotter, spinning discs seem to be everywhere in his life. Trotter’s passion is fueled by a fundamental love of the game, and understandable bonuses. We are just lucky that the Emerald City is the place he wants to do it.

After his travels, Trotter will return to the Rainmakers this May. Expect him to run opponents ragged.

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