Rainmakers playmaker Mark Burton reigned in an incredible greatest last week, earning himself the Waveborn Offensive Play of the Week.

In a moment of athletic glory on Saturday evening, Mark Burton snagged a low-flying disc and whipped it back into the field of play and into the waiting hands of a teammate. Did you see it?

Here’s what Burton had to say about the play:

I remember seeing the huck from [Adam] Holt go up and thinking…boomers or buckets! It happens so quick, you can’t really describe how it happened. I was thinking it was going to curve back as he is a baller of a thrower. I knew I had my defender beat by steps, and when I saw that the disc wasn’t curving back, my next gut thing was looking at the disc and the line quickly to see if I could toe it in by leaning out and keeping my feet in bounds. I then looked back at the end of the endzone because I knew I was running out of room in the back, and when I looked back at the disc I knew there was no way I could toe it in, so I jumped out as far as I could without thinking of possible injury or anything and laid out.

The funny part is that I didn’t check to see if I had any teammates around, so after I hit the ground, getting a couple of black turf pieces in my mouth, I quickly turned back to see if I had any teammates around and saw Sam [Harkness] with two Vancouver players around. When I saw the throw I made I thought, ‘crap, that’s kind of high and bladey,’ and it felt like it was in slow-mo when I was watching the catch happen. I saw that the disc was coming down near Sam, and he had perfectly positioned himself to make the catch.

It seems fitting that Harkness, who took home the very first Waveborn Offensive Play of the Week for a greatest of his own in week 1, was on the receiving end this time.

I truly believe that anybody on the Rainmakers would have made that play and know that everybody has the effort and desire. I loved how the Rainmakers rushed the field and the excitement of the fans even though we were at an opposing team’s stadium. If the referees called it the other way, I would have been fine. I want to just show to people that I love playing this game and would do anything to help the game of Ultimate grow. Hopefully we are paving the path for the future.

Thanks to Holt and Sam. Thanks to the Rainmakers for being supportive and continually pushing each other to be our best on every play. It’s a team effort. The best part of it all was honestly seeing my teammates rushing at us with the biggest smiles and laughs on our faces. This is why we play: we love the game and the brotherhood surrounding the season.

Burton will receive $100 and a pair of Waveborn MLU sunglasses, and the league will make a $100 donation in his name to a charity of his choosing. Burton has selected Mercy Ships, a non-governmental hospital show that provides provides free healthcare and aims to increase healthcare delivery systems in the poorest regions of the world.

Get your tickets for tomorrow’s game against the Portland Stags to see Burton in action on his home turf, and don’t forget your jersey for Team Day.

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