Photo by Paul Andris –

When the Seattle Rainmakers faced off again the Boston Whitecaps in the 2014 MLU Championship, the Western Conference Champions fell behind early, falling behind the Whitecaps and entering the 4th quarter down 23-14. The Rainmakers knew that if they hoped to close the deficit, they need to score quickly, and their may be no better quick strike weapon in the league than Khalif El-Salaam.

Working the disc out of their own end zone, the Rainmakers found cutter Todd Sliva a few yards out. Knowing they needed goals and that the clock was against them, Sliva launched a long backhand huck that floated down just outside the Seattle end zone. As Sliva’s pass descended, a crowd of players from both teams huddled under it, jockeying for position. All of a sudden, out of the pack, El-Salaam leapt into the sky, pulling the disc down with a flourish, before finding teammate Brad Houser in the end zone for an assist.

Boston would go on to win and capture their 2nd MLU Championship in three years (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME), but El-Salaam and his Seattle teammates proved that they can use their athleticism and skill to play on the biggest stage.

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