Photo by Sandy Canetti –

The Seattle Rainmakers were not expected to make the 2015 MLU Championship Game. With a regular season record of 5-5, they were just supposed to be the next team that the 9-1 Portland Stags steamrolled on their way to the title game. Nobody told the Rainmakers this.

After upsetting the Stags in Portland, the Rainmakers and Khalif El-Salaam found themselves in Philadelphia to face off against the winningest franchise in MLU history – The Boston Whitecaps.

While the Rainmakers’ cinderella season would come to an end against the Whitecaps, to the tune of 31-17, the Rainmakers would show flashes of the talent that got them to the finals. In the final few minutes of the 3rd quarter, with the Whitecaps up 12-6, Seattle’s Mark Burton fired a long flick downfield.  Burton’s throw floated slowly into the end zone as El-Salaam absolutely exploded out of his shoes to snatch the disc over Boston’s Shaun Doherty. (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME)

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