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One of the first things you learn when you first pick up the disc is to “catch your D’s”. As long as the disc is in the air, the opposing team has a chance to grab it, no matter how hard you smack or swat it. This is advice given to high schoolers and summer league newbie’s all the time, but sometimes even the professionals need a reminder.

When the Seattle Rainmakers travelled to take on the Portland Stags in Week 6 of the 2014 MLU Season, the Stags were about to learn that when you are playing against the best, you really do need to “catch you D’s”… and the one delivering the lesson was Seattle’s Khalif El-Salaam. A former Stag himself, El-Salaam was in the middle of a season that would end with him being named MLU Breakout Player of the Year.

As the Stags looked to cut into a 4th quarter Rainmakers lead, they were about to see just what they lost when El-Salaam signed with Seattle. Breaking deep, El-Salaam found himself the target of a Danny Trytiak huck that carried further than expected. As El-Salaam chased the disc, Portland’s Adam Ferrea got his hand on the disc first, tipping the disc up into the air.

As the disc fluttered in the air, Ferrea could only look on in dismay as the quick and always aware El-Salaam made one final move and dove for the disc. El-Salaam came down with the tipped disc for the score, extending the Seattle lead to 4 and securing the win (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME)

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