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This Sunday, June 28, the Seattle Rainmakers are partnering with local non-profit Plymouth Housing Group.

Fans can use the promotional code PHG628 to get 20 percent off their final ticket price. If at least 50 fans use the code, the Rainmakers will donate a percentage of every ticket sold to Plymouth Housing Group. The Seattle Rainmakers are proud to partner with such a positive organization in our community. This year, the Rainmakers have also done promotions to help raise money for organizations like Facing Homelessness and Age Up.

Plymouth Housing Group is a Seattle non-profit that aims to end homelessness through supportive, low-income housing. Each year, they provide housing to over 1,100 formerly homeless adults. Using a “housing first” philosophy, Plymouth believes that people cannot work to improve their lives without first having a safe, stable place to live. They work patiently and compassionately with people of all backgrounds that may struggle with issues like chronic homelessness, mental illness, trauma, drug or alcohol addiction or physical disability. This approach has led to great success. After the first year of tenancy, 96 percent of Plymouth residents are still housed. For the same price as six days in Harborview Medical Center or 60 days in King County Jail, Plymouth provides one year of permanent, 24-hour support housing.

Plymouth Housing has a special connection to the Rainmakers. Veteran defensive cutter Ben Beehner is a building manager for Plymouth Housing.

“At the beginning of the season, our team talked a lot about how we could better engage our community,” said Beehner. “For me, partnering with Plymouth was a home run. It combines my two great loves!”

When not chasing discs on the field, Ben is in charge of day-to-day operations at Humphrey House, an 81-unit apartment building in Belltown. There he interacts daily with tenants who have struggled in the past with trauma, abuse, addiction or mental illness.

“Plymouth does a wonderful job of giving dignity and mutual respect to the people we serve,” said Beehner. “We meet many wonderful people who have suffered in life, but being a part of helping them live a happier, healthier life is incredibly rewarding.”

Come join the Rainmakers this Sunday, June 28 at 1:00 p.m. as they take on the Vancouver Nighthawks at Renton Memorial Stadium and help support the great organization Plymouth Housing Group. Buy your tickets here.

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