In all the excitement of the Western Conference Playoffs, you may not have had time to check out the final week of the season’s outstanding plays.

Well look no further because Reid Koss, Seattle #11, has got defense on lock:

Here’s what Koss had to say about his incredible defensive bid:

The main thing going through my head was just that I needed to make a play. When you are down two breaks in the 4th quarter, you have to start taking chances. In this case, I had guarded Tyler Grant multiple times by that point in the game, so I knew when he made that kind of cut close to the endzone exactly where he was going. He had already scored once on that cut on me in the first quarter to make it 5-3, so I was able to use that knowledge to put myself in the position to be in front of him to get to the disc first. He actually had inside position on me as he was even with the disc.

After the play it was just great to hear the crowd noise. This was the best crowd by far we had all year, and they played a huge part in our ability to win that game. Ted Werbel did a great job all year of being our MC and helping get the crowd involved.

In addition to the award that Koss himself will receive, MLU will be making a donation in his name to a charity or Ultimate program of his choosing. As Koss will be coaching a team headed to the Youth Club Championships this summer, the donation will go towards funding the team’s trip to the Blaine, Minnesota tournament. So if you were worried that you wouldn’t be seeing any more of Koss this summer, fear not. Prepare yourself for an army of mini-Reids, ready to fling themselves after tight throws at a moment’s notice.

Congratulations, Reid!

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  1. Derek Mourad

    Great stuff Reid! Seattle Dynasty will take home the YCC title!

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