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Clay Dewey-Valentine #31

Height: 5’7″  Weight: 170  Age: 26

Goals: 15 Assists: 8 Blocks: 12

MLU Experience: 2

Joining the team in 2015, Dewey-Valentine immediately established himself as a player to watch, becoming a leader on the D-line and helping the Rainmakers to their first ever MLU Championship appearance. Using his shifty quickness and pure athleticism, Dewey-Valentine become a menace on defense, recording five blocks as a rookie and tallying seven goals and five assists, while playing 90 percent of his points on the D-line.

In 2016, Dewey-Valentine shifted from being the primary possession handler on the D-line, to becoming the swing handler on the O-line. Coaches Kate Kingery and Fiona McKibben clearly wanted to make use of Dewey-Valentine’s high percentage passing and quality give-and-go style of offense on their O-Line.

Career Highlights:

2015 Western Conference Champion

2016 Western Conference Spirit Award

2015 Week 7 – Defensive Play of the Week 

2016 Western Conference Offensive Player of the Year (Finalist)

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