In the wake of the MLU Championships, you may have missed some of the action that led up to this phenomenal game.

One prime example from the Western Conference Finals came courtesy of veteran player-coach Ben Wiggins, who rifled off a jaw-dropping hammer into the wind late in the final quarter to close the gap against San Francisco.

Here it is in all its glory:

Here’s what was going through Ben’s head:

We think we have the best defense in the league, and I think the goals-against statistic backs that up. To give them a shot, we wanted to give them at least 15 seconds to work with, so after the first four passes we were all feeling the ticking of the clock. There was a nice pocket in the front of the stack, and I got it in a must-shoot situation that almost never happens in normal Ultimate. At that point, a dump and swing was probably just as bad as a turnover, except for that my mother’s fantasy team would have lost a few more points.

I’ve thrown and caught about a million hammers with Danny [Trytiak] in our lives. He took off thinking hammer because he knows that even in the worst situation I can at least get it past the mark. With that big upwind, probably 4 out of 5 duck their way to an early death. Throw hard, get lucky. Danny made a really nice play to score it, which was crucial since our D needed nine seconds to force a turnover and we would have burnt that waiting for the next receiver to get to the endzone. It felt good just to give our D a chance and they were all business as they took over for us.

Looking at the video now, that was a cannon. 100% pure old-man adrenaline. Plus I love the sound of a crowd getting quiet real fast.

Ben will receive a pair of Waveborn MLU sunglasses and a financial award. Additionally, a $100 donation will also be made in his name to a charity or youth Ultimate program of his choosing. Ben has selected the Seattle Ultimate Foundation, a local and volunteer-run organization that is offering scholarships to male and female college-bound Ultimate players from the greater Seattle area.

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