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In a powerful performance in Week 5 that drew attention from all over the league, Donnie Clark set the single-game record for both points, 14, and goals scored, 12, in the slugfest against Vancouver.

Clark put the team on his back on Saturday, playing 29 points and scoring on a dozen of them. Among #48’s other numbers on the game: 21 passes caught, eight thrown – all of them completions and two for assists – and one defensive play.

“I think Chicken [Adam Simon] and I are finally dialed in and it’s awesome,” said Clark. “It started during practice on Wednesday, three days before, and just continued during the game. I’ve changed my cutting and he’s put less float on his hucks and it’s golden.”

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Despite Clark’s record-setting points performance, the Rainmakers fell to the Nighthawks 29-23. Still, Clark and the rest of the Rainmakers are excited by the prospects of facing Vancouver two more times this season.

“Without the slumps in the second and third quarter, we were in the game and I think they [Vancouver] know that,” said Clark. “We beat them by five, now they’ve beaten us by six. The next game will be a great fight.”

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