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The Seattle Rainmakers announced today that Fiona McKibben and Kate Kingery will take on head coaching responsibilities for the 2016 team.

The Seattle Rainmakers announced today that the head coaching responsibilities of the team will pass to Fiona McKibben and Kate Kingery, two of the assistant coaches from the 2015 Western Conference championship team.

After a successful season coaching the underdog Rainmakers all the way to the 2015 MLU Championship, the team is thrilled to welcome back both Kingery and McKibben as Co-Head Coaches.  Both McKibben and Kingery are members of Seattle’s Riot club ultimate team, and fixtures in the Pacific Northwest Ultimate community.  


Kingery, a product of Carleton College’s Syzygy, has years of experience playing for Riot and Chicago’s Nemesis club team as well.  (Photo by Paul Andris –

While both coaches will split all responsibilities for the upcoming season, both acknowledged that Kingery will most likely be more involved with the offense, with McKibben focusing a bit more on the defense.


McKibben is a Seattle native who has been playing ultimate for over fifteen years, captaining New York University’s Violet Femmes before joining Riot for the past several seasons. (Photo by Scobel Wiggins –

After taking a 5-5 Rainmakers squad to the championship in their first season with the organization, McKibben and Kingery are looking to carry that momentum forward as they assemble this year’s roster.

“I am always on the look out for players who can play tight person-to-person defense, while keeping an eye to the bigger picture on the field.” said McKibben “On offense I notice players who can see the whole field and cut to make space for their teammates to get open. Additionally, we are looking at some turn-over in our offensive handlers since last season and will be striving to fill those positions.”

 “In the bigger picture, we are looking for players who have a positive growth mindset and who are willing to work hard physically and mentally.” continued Kingery, “Players who demonstrate that they trust their teammates and believe in themselves, their teammates, and the team. We are looking for players who play ultimate because they love to play.”
For information of the Rainmakers open tryout TOMORROW (2/21), look here.


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