The Seattle Rainmakers announced on Tuesday the hiring of experienced event coordinator Kristina Kyees.

Last year, that position was filled by Rusty Brown who was also operations manager. With him stepping into the general manager position, hiring Kyees (rhymes with “bees”) allows the Rainmakers staff to cover more ground.

“Getting a professional event coordinator, like Kristina, relieves a lot of my work load around game day so I can focus on the process of building Seattle another championship caliber team,” said Brown.

“My duties include the ‘show’ of game day. I’m the first to arrive and the last to leave. I coordinate our volunteers, greet the opposing team with the assistant GM, set up the field and coordinate with the spirit team,” said Kyees.

Kyees is a newcomer to the ultimate community.  She found the job through a friend who is a part owner of the DC Current.  He directed her to the Rainmakers for interviews.

Kyees brings a professional presence to the event coordinator role, having worked for seven years in the theater business, the past five years in a dinner cabaret show as a backstage manager.  Even with a new venue and different performance medias, Kyees’s skills are still highly applicable.

“There will be no rehearsals, but besides that everything else is the same. There is so much communication that has to happen between all the different facets that make up game day. Similarly to theater, I will have all of my trust in my teams and rely on their competence in their fields for a smooth execution of the show.”

Asked about goals for the season, Kyees had a humorous laundry list and a Miss Congeniality-esque request. “I want all of our electronics to work when we need them. I want something entertaining at every home game. I want our games to have sunny days. I want there to be no traffic getting to the games. I want every kid to get a balloon if he/she wants one. AND I want world peace.”

And the most important part: she has yet to learn how to throw a forehand but is eager to try.  “I’ve been watching videos and the flick of the wrist makes it look so smooth! I’m not going to lie, Ultimate wasn’t my thing in P.E.—I  couldn’t seem to make it go in the direction I wanted it to! I can’t wait to go to one of the practices and learn what I’ve been missing out on.”

Driven and organized, she will no doubt bring a fresh take on what can be brought to game day. For her part, Kyees is enthusiastic about this opportunity. “I want to highlight the different energies that make Seattle special and bring their quirkiness and excitement to our games,” she said.

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  1. scobel wiggins

    Hi Kristina,
    I’m with UltiPhotos and shot both the halftime show and the refs, hoping to get names from you for the captions.

    Scobel Wiggins

    • Paul Des Marais

      Hey Scobel, I passed this message along to Kristina just a moment ago. Thanks for the great shots!


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