Seattle may be on the rise in MLU’s most recent Power Rankings, but the Rainmakers put little stock in these numbers as they focus on game day.

The Rainmakers spent the preseason and first couple weeks floating around the bottom quartile of the league’s power rankings, but have since jumped to the middle of the pack after their performance last week against Vancouver. Despite the upgrade, the Rainmakers have some misgivings about the rankings.

First and foremost, Seattle’s captains believe that the power rankings demonstrate an obvious favoritism toward the Eastern Conference.

“I am pretty West Coast biased, I feel like we need to have some pride over on this side,” said Danny Trytiak. “The knee-jerk reaction for me is, why is D.C. number two? I personally think that Portland beats them. Actually, I think that any West Coast team would beat them. The worst team in our division may be better than their second place team. All we hear about is the east and about east players, when the west in my opinion has better games and better talent. Who knows though, I couldn’t name you one East Coast player besides Nate Castine.”

“I could be wrong,” Trytiak continued, “but I firmly believe that at least last year our division was far more competitive than theirs in the sense of strength, though perhaps not in point differentials. For instance, if the Stags were playing East Coast teams last year, there is no way they would only win one game.”

The general consensus among the Rainmakers captains is that the rankings themselves are inherently flawed.

“I think it’s pretty silly that there are mixed rankings for East and West,” said Bryson Uhrig-Fox. “D.C. over Seattle? Seattle over D.C.? It’s a shot in the dark.”

Still, these rankings do shed light on the league’s expansion goals.

“In the future it would be awesome to be able to have a 13-game regular season with three matchups against each conference team and one game against each out of conference opponent, two on the road, two at home,” said Eddie Feeley. “That would help the rankers get a more accurate comparison between the Eastern and Western Conference teams.”

In the meantime, the Rainmakers are keeping their attention focused solely on the game ahead.

“We are going into our game this weekend against the Dogfish knowing they are a good team,” said Feeley. “The season series is tied 1-1 after all, and we need to play well in order to win.”

Come cheer on the Rainmakers this Sunday at 1:00 pm at Renton Memorial Stadium for the “May the 4th Be With You” game. Tickets are available here, and fans in costume get half off entry at the door.

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