Add Matt Rehder’s name to the long list of injuries plaguing the Rainmakers as they head into the Western Conference finals.

Matthew Rehder broke his radius and ulna in last weekend’s game at Vancouver, effectively eliminating him from participating in the Western Conference finals.

“Matt was playing defense against a cutter making an under-cut,” said Assistant Coach Andy Lovseth. “He made an attempt at a blow-by D by making a baseball slide. When he put his left hand down, the turf must have snagged him. That’s when he broke it.”

Rehder was immediately brought to the University of British Columbia’s Medical Center for examining, where it was determined that he would need surgery to reset the bones. Further examination when he returned home revealed that the break occurred right below the elbow, exactly the same injury that sidelined him at Club Regionals in 2012, when he made an attempt at a greatest and ended up folding his arm underneath his body.

“He’s been one of the mainstays of our offense since he got back in June,” said teammate Skip Sewell. “His size and speed make him one of the true double-threats.”

At 6’3”, defenders were forced to back him, so Rehder long ago managed to incorporate in-cuts into his arsenal, and his highly developed throwing abilities allowed him to find other cutters streaking downfield.

Rehder had surgery earlier this week and now has a plate installed to protect the site. He will likely be out for 2-3 months for healing and recovery. Fortunately, Seattle was able to hold their own against San Francisco on Sunday even without Rehder, going undefeated at home with a 24-22 victory over the Dogfish, but he’ll be sorely missed this coming weekend at the conference finals.

Other injured Rainmakers include Allan Laviolette (broken wrist), Phil Murray (broken foot), Mario O’Brien (broken foot), Seth Wiggins (broken thumb), and Matty Zemel (broken foot). The community’s thoughts are with all of them in hopes of a healthy recovery going into the club season this summer.

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