He does social work for a living. He writes pop cultural comparisons to Ultimate. He is a speed demon of an O-Line cutter. And he looks dashing in a bowtie. With years of club experience, #15 Ben Beehner brings a multitude of skills and a big heart to the Rainmakers for another year.

Anyone who wanders the Seattle pickup scene will no doubt recognize Beehner’s long, athletic frame jetting around the field making layout D’s.  He is a blur with a mop of brown hair.

Beehner’s skillset includes blinding speed and remarkable acceleration. Even on a team as loaded as last year’s Rainmakers, Beehner had the fastest time in the 5-30 drill at the combine, cutting five yards in and 30 yards out. His quickness is even more unique considering his 6-foot-3 frame, and Ben takes full advantage of his assets on both sides of the disc.

“My strengths are using my speed and height as a cutter to throw my defender out of position and create separation,” said Beehner. “On defense, I try to position myself to take away as many options as I can. When the disc gets thrown to my cutter, I am coiled like a spring, ready to explode past and get the block.”

What you might not know about Ben is his commitment to building a better community for all of us. After getting his start in Ultimate at John Carroll University, Beehner moved to Seattle as a volunteer for a year long stint with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, then worked as a case manager for Community House Mental Health Agency. His most recent job tackles homelessness.

“In October, I was hired to be a building manager for an apartment building in Belltown,” said Beehner. “I manage an 81-unit apartment building for formerly homeless adults. Low-income housing in Seattle is my vocation, and as much as I love Ultimate, that is what I identify as the work I am most proud of.”

Beehner also writes in his spare time. A self proclaimed nerd, he penned two articles for Skyd Magazine where he compared notable open players to Marvel comic book and Game of Thrones characters.

After moving out to the Pacific Northwest, Ben played for various Ultimate teams in Seattle, and he captained club Voodoo last year. But he is excited to return to the pro game once more.

“Working with the Rainmakers, there are so many people who are so excited about the organization and working hard for that final product,” said Beehner. “It’s fun to be a part of that and see both the crowd and everyone involved being excited.”

Like any player worth their salt, Beehner has not been idle over the winter. He was able to tailor his workouts in the offseason towards the unique play with the larger field.

Beehner received limited field time last season, with 5 goals, 1 assist, and 4 D’s. Nevertheless, he is a team player and knows that contributions are not always in the numbers.

“My biggest strength by far is being a positive teammate who is proactive and motivated off the field and supportive on it,” said Beehner. “I take it upon myself to set-up pod workouts, track practices and social events.”

From writing hilarious articles to leaving it all on the field and serving the community, Ben Beehner does it all. Keep doing what you are doing, #15, both on and off the field.

Be sure to catch the Most Interesting Man in the World at the home opener on April 19th.

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      Thanks Beth, feedback is always appreciated! Yeah I first met Ben at a pickup game years ago. Very laid back guy.


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