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Do a barrel roll! Bryson “Starfox” Uhrig-Fox brings his wide arsenal of talents to the Seattle Rainmakers.

Though originally hailing from St. Louis Park, MN, a small city just west of Minneapolis, Bryson Uhrig-Fox took to the west for his studies. “I decided to go to Reed College in Portland, OR because it is a very academically rigorous institution. And since then I kind of got hooked on living in the Pacific Northwest,” he says.

Uhrig-Fox is currently in his third year of graduate school at the University of Washington and is working on his PhD dissertation in strategic interaction in macroeconomics.

Luckily for fans of elite Ultimate, Uhrig-Fox picked up a disc back in September of 2006 and has kept at it ever since. In his experience playing for Reed College Berserk, UW Sundodgers, Rhino, and Voodoo, Uhrig-Fox has found that he is adept at applying his skillset to a variety of different aspects and positions of the game.

“My goal was just to figure out how to use what I knew to the team’s greatest advantage. And in that sense, I consider myself a utility player. With Rhino I was mostly a defensive handler and handler defender. But when I went to UW I found that I had great success both handling the disc and playing downfield,” he says. “That whole process was really great because it allowed me to work on skills in a variety of situations and to avoid the stagnation of sitting on a pre-defined role as I moved in between different teams and different roles over the years.”

Indeed, he was able to adjust so effectively that in 2011, his first year at UW and his fifth and final year of college eligibility, he was selected for First Team All-Region.

“Bryson is a dynamic player,” says Assistant Coach Andy Lovseth. “He’s an excellent handler, but can throw a wrench into a defense by busting downfield and getting a huge layout catch for a goal. Defenders will need to be prepared to guard behind and in front of the disc.”

Where can you expect to see Uhrig-Fox playing with the Rainmakers? Get your tickets now and find out on Saturday, March 20th at Chief Sealth Stadium.

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