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Introducing Mark Burton, layout extraordinaire, and yet another solid addition to the Seattle Rainmakers roster.

Whether you know him as “Hero” or “Mr. Theatre,” at six feet tall and 180 pounds, Mark Burton has all the makings of a phenomenal cutter and defender for the Seattle Rainmakers.

Burton was born in Minneapolis but didn’t stick around long. He spent his formative years in Northern Ireland before returning to the States, living in New Jersey, then moving to Seattle, down to San Diego for college, and finally back to Seattle in 2009. Although he admits that Ireland can’t compete with the Seattle Ultimate scene, he says, “Deep down, Northern Ireland truly is where my heart is.”

Burton is one of very few players in the league who did not seriously pick up a disc until after college, although he admits that he’s participated in his fair share of pickup and night games, complete with glow-in-the-dark discs and the requisite sprinklers going off mid-game.

Burton first began playing competitively shortly after moving back to Seattle with Downpour. He also formed and played for Outlaw before picking up with Voodoo and Bigfoot last year.

“Burton is a beast. You have to feel sorry for the person who has to guard him. He has an endless supply of energy that keeps him moving. He never stops,” says Assistant Coach Andy Lovseth. “Mark has versatility on both sides of the disc. He’s just as likely to explode deep and sky you for a huck as he is to shut you down, staying with you step-for-step on D.”

In terms of other Ultimate-related experience, Burton has been coaching at the Northwest School for three years, coaching JV boys Ultimate, JV boys basketball, and most recently assistant coaching the Varsity girls Ultimate team.

Can’t wait until the Rainmaker’s first game on Saturday, April 20th to catch a glimpse of Burton in action? He has been featured in the past on Seattle Voodoo’s highlight reels and considers himself to be a true thespian. By his own estimation, Burton has been captured on film in more than 20 shorts and films, and was an extra on a couple episodes of Veronica Mars. Plus, he boasts an “Oscar-winning performance” on MTV’s Next.

“I love acting and being an expressionist with my face. My acting side sometimes comes out when I play,” he admits. “Always have to make things interesting…”

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  1. Claire

    Well said from Assistant coach my Mark is a beast! Go Mark n go rainmakers!! keep it coming bro shown em how it’s done! #16


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