The Seattle Rainmakers beat the downtrodden Stags 24-12 on Saturday afternoon.

Game conditions were ideal at Renton Memorial Stadium, with the temperature around 70 with a sunny blue sky.

The match started as a shootout, and the rest of the game went much the same way. The first quarter featured O-line cutter Mark Burton with three of Seattle’s first four scores and D-line cutter Donnie Clark who added two scores and an assist. The offense capitalized each point and the defense converted three breaks as the Rainmakers jumped to a 7-4 lead.

Seattle has had a penchant for running away with games in the first half, dominating on both sides of the disc.

“That’s what it’s all about,” said Burton. “It’s getting those breaks early on and the offense doing their jobs by putting the disc in [the endzone].”

Seattle continued their scoring binge in the second quarter. One point featured two polar opposite plays by Sam Harkness and Adam “Chicken” Simon. Harkness put up a major sky to earn a D against a streaking Portland cutter, while Simon pulled off the sneaky short man trick of jumping extra early. The defender took the bait while Simon took the score and the Rainmakers cruised ahead to a 14-6 lead.

The halftime show featured the ever popular t-shirt and disc tosses as well as a chance for several contestants to take 40-yard potshots for a $500 prize. The Seattle Ultimate community was once again out in force, with a crowd of 544 on hand. The team promotion drew in quite a few high school and recreation league teams, with newly formed Skyline drawing the biggest turnout.

The two teams traded points out of half before Seattle earned a few more breaks. The Rainmakers continued their dominance behind athletic defense by Matty Zemel and scores by Adam Simon and Adam Holt. Portland’s Cody Bjorklund was able to make effective use of hammers, but the Stags were never able to regain their footing and the Rainmakers cruised to a 24-12 win, their highest scoring game and their largest point differential.

Seattle is now 6-1, with a guaranteed spot in the conference championships. San Francisco can secure their spot with a win today. All fans should know that whichever team attracts the largest crowds between now and the playoffs will host the Conference Championships. Seattle fans have established a tradition of strong support. Let’s keep it up.

The team itself is beginning to start its own traditions. Many spectators at Saturday’s game may have noticed the large block of wood carried by resident team clown Phil Murray. The O-line cutter found enough time in Vancouver to collect the souvenir.

“Phil’s really good at keeping that sense of humor,” said Burton. “We’ve relayed the wood now two games in a row and it hypes us up, it pumps us up. It is here to stay…It’s been so much fun playing, [team] chemistry wise. It’s a great example of what happens off the field that helps the morale.”

Hopefully, the Lucky Lumber will be able help the Rainmakers in their next game, a rematch with the other titan in the Western Conference, the San Francisco Dogfish. The match will likely be a preview for the playoffs. Game time is 7:00 PM at San Francisco on June 15th. Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter.

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