This Sunday the Rainmakers (0-1) will try to exact revenge on the Stags (1-0) in a rematch of their week one game.

The Seattle Rainmakers will play the Portland Stags in their home opener at Rainier Beach High School on Sunday, April 17, at 1 pm.

After a disappointing first game against the Stags in Portland, in which the Rainmakers let the Stags outscore them in the second and third quarters, Seattle is looking to come out strong.

The Stags are playing a doubleheader this weekend, playing a game against the Vancouver Nighthawks on Saturday before coming down to Seattle for their game against the Rainmakers on Sunday. The Nighthawks have only one third of their team returning from the 2015 season, and their large rookie class means they have a lot of learning to do. The Nighthawks lost 21-12 to the San Francisco Dogfish in their rainy week one game. It is expected that the Stags will bench some of their top players on Saturday’s game against the Nighthawks to have a well-rested team for the more competitive match on Sunday against the seasoned Rainmakers.

Like last week, Dylan Harrington, Ben Wiggins, and Julian Peterson are injured and will not play in the game. Drew Lockhart is listed as injured but is probable to play. Todd Sliva and Jonathan Masler are not injured but are inactive this weekend against the Stags. One major change from last week will be the addition of Cam Bailey to the Rainmakers’s defense. Bailey was out last week. In the Western Conference Final against the Stags last year Bailey guarded Cody Bjorklund, keeping Bjorklund contained. That defensive power was missed in the first game against Portland, and Seattle will be on a more even footing with Bailey back in the game.

Khalif El-Salaam said that the Rainmakers weren’t prepared for the vertical stack offense that Portland used to their advantage in the first game. “It’s much different offense to guard than a horizontal. We will adjust our practices to adjust next time.” Co-Head Coach Kate Kingery said that the Rainmakers had first game jitters. “We struggled to convert our offensive possessions into points in the first half. I think we were fighting nerves a bit. At half time, I think we realized we had nothing to lose, loosened up and started to play our game,” said Kingery. “It was great to see individual players and our team as a whole improve and grow over the course of a game. I think this is a promising sign for the season ahead.”

With a week to shake it off, a practice to fine tune their vert stack defense, and the addition of Bailey to the defense, the Seattle Rainmakers should be better prepared for this week’s matchup against the Portland Stags.

The home opener game will be Fan Appreciation themed. There will be lots of fun games and interactivity to show how much the Rainmakers love their fans!

Before the game, the Rainmakers will be hosting a youth clinic for kids 12-18 years.

Get a ticket for the game on Sunday, April 17, at 1 pm at Rainier Beach High School in Seattle, or get Season Tickets here.

Can’t make it to the game? Watch in real time at!

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