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The Seattle Rainmakers took home not only a win last week but also MLU’s first Waveborn Offensive Play of the Week.

Last Saturday, Seattle’s #9, Sam Harkness pulled off one of the more athletic plays of the week (if not in the history of the sport) : a “greatest.” Harkness lept from within the field’s boundaries to snag an errant disc, flung it back into the field of play before landing out of bounds, and managed to complete the throw to his teammate, #1 Donnie Clark, for a score.

In case you’ve been hiding under a disc all week, here’s the video again. Sam’s thoughts in full are after the video.

I remember regretting the foot-long meatball sub I ate before the game, I think the meatballs had been sitting out a little too long. I also remember realizing how fast the disc was moving and I didn’t want to believe it. I wanted to catch up to it and keep it in bounds, and the sad realization that I couldn’t was somewhat of a defeat. It was an emotional rollercoaster submitting to the fact that “the greatest” was the best I could do, but I was very excited when it was caught.

Also, if you want to make it to the highlight reel, just get Reid Koss to throw to you.

Harkness has been awarded $100 and a pair of Waveborn MLU sunglasses, and he may also select a charity or high school Ultimate program to receive a $100 donation in his name.

I’m planning on donating the $100 to the Franklin High School Girls’ Frisbee Team. I’m hoping they can reach their fundraising goal to get their team to the Amherst Invite on the east coast:

Get your tickets for tomorrow’s game against the Portland Stags and see if Harkness can do it all again on Fan Appreciation Night.

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