The Seattle Rainmakers held their U-23 Combine last weekend, an all-day event which featured some of the top young talent in and around the Seattle area.

Under the watchful eyes of head coach Ben Wiggins and GM Max Vitali, players spent the day being evaluated in skill drills, conditioning exercises and full-field exhibition. Both Wiggins and Vitali came away impressed with the level of play exhibited by the U-23 attendees.

“Honestly, the only thing that separates this combine from the ‘adult’ combine is 5 years in age,” Wiggins said. “It’s easy to forget how outstanding some of the young guys around here are. Prior to this weekend, we thought we’d take a maximum of 8 players with us to the open combine. Obviously, that wasn’t the case.”

Indeed, the combine left Wiggins and Vitali so impressed that they ended up taking 16 players to the open combine, twice what they’d originally planned.

“We are beyond thrilled with what we saw at our first U-23 Combine,” Vitali said. “These guys are the future of the sport and our franchise, and some are ready to contribute to both right now. The future of Ultimate is in good hands.”

The players advancing from the Seattle Rainmakers U-23 Combine are listed below.

1 Ataee, Anthony
2 Bateman, Casey
3 Brink, Christian
4 Zhi, Chen
5 Hausman, Julian
6 Houser, Bradley
7 Chang, Kerry
8 El-Salaam, Khalif
9 Laviolette, Allan
10 Lynch, Andrew
11 Martin, Harrison
12 Cavanaugh, Mike
13 Miller, Benjamin
14 Osseward, Peter
15 Phan, Henry
16 Pickel, Samuel

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  1. Frank

    Impressive list. FYI for #4 it’s Chen, Zhi. Zhi’s his first name. Good luck to all!


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