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After a long weekend of tryouts, Head Coach Ben Wiggins has selected 25 players to represent Seattle in MLU’s first season of play.

Without further ado, your Seattle Rainmakers are:

Coaches: Ben Wiggins and Andy Lovseth

Trainer: Ren Caldwell


Frank Barich
Benjamin Beehner
Mark Burton
Donald Clark
Sam Harkness
Adam Holt
Danny Karlinsky
Tyler Kinley
Reid Koss
Allan Laviolette
Phil Murray
Mario O’Brien
Matt Rehder
Moses Rifkin
Sean Sears
Joseph Sefton
Matthew Sewell
Adam Simon
Jacob Speidel
Xtehn Titcomb
Elliot Trotter
Daniel Trytiak
Bryson Uhrig-Fox
Seth Wiggins
Ben Wiggins
Matthew Zemel

We’ll be sitting down to chat with as many of these athletes as we can before game day (Saturday, April 20th at 7:00 pm) and posting them here so you can get to know them a little better.

As hard as the combine looked, one can only imagine how arduous and painful Coach Wiggins’s task was. How would you narrow down the 70-player pool of talent we saw over the weekend?

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