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The 2015 season was a new peak for the Seattle Rainmakers franchise, reaching the MLU Championship for the first time.  The Rainmakers thrived on their reputation as underdogs phentermine all season, earning Play of the Week honors from the league several times throughout the campaign.  Take a look at all of the Rainmakers Plays of the Week from the 2015 Season:

Week 1  Throw of the Week

Henry Phan | #21

Look at the replay and you’ll see Phan throw this masterful outside-in forehand and then whip his hand backwards as if he’s a matador ripping away the red cape.

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Week 3  Offensive Play of the Week 

Matt Neeley | #18

Neeley and his corn rows made the SportsCenter Top 10 plays for this ridiculous layout grab for the score.

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Week 7 Defensive Play of the Week 

Clay Dewey-Valentine | #31

In the third Callahan of the MLU season, Dewey-Valentine tips the disc into the end zone and catches it for a goal and the next pull. The full team celebration may have be more entertaining than the play itself.

[bc width=”628px” height=”360″]—defensive-play-of-the-week[/bc]

Week 8  Throw of the Week

Brad Houser | #60

After a beautiful inside-out flick up the sideline, Mark Burton invites Doggy Houser for a well-deserved frisbee full of victory water.

[bc width=”628px” height=”360″]—innova-pulsar-throw-of-the-week[/bc]

While Mark Burton and Khalif El-Salaam may be the faces of the Rainmakers, these highlights show the impact that some of the less heralded players made on the way to the Championship!

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