Photo by Jeff Bell –

In the 2014 Western Conference, the battle for playoff spots was hotly contested through most of the season. As the season reached its final weeks, the Seattle Rainmakers had a slight edge on the Vancouver Nighthawks in the standings, with both teams looking to punch their way into the postseason.

As the Nighthawks visited Seattle in Week 9, the Rainmakers quickly found themselves on the wrong side of the scoreboard, down 6-2 in the later minutes of the 1st Quarter. Looking to score quickly, Seattle’s Gavin McKibben launched a MONSTER backhand from the team’s own goal line. As McKibben’s huck drifted 80-yards downfield, Seattle cutter Matt Zemel found himself in a footrace with Vancouver’s Alex Davis. Despite being down 7 inches and 30 pounds on the larger Davis, Zemel expertly boxed the larger defender out, launching himself forward and extending to bring in the completion on the 10-yard line. Popping to his feet, Zemel found teammate Chris Rupp for the goal.

Despite Zemel’s fanatasic play, the Nighthawks would come away with the victory and lock up the final playoff spot from the west. (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME)

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