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Matty Zemel was awarded the Hucket Offensive Play of the Week for a phenomenal box out and layout catch at his last cap of the 2014 season.

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Zemel spoke about the game and his award winning Hucket Offensive Play of the Week in the way only Matty can.

“I’m super pumped that I got the play of the week. Even though we got stomped, it’s something to know I at least got a cool picture out of it,” said Zemel. “Looking back on the day and game itself, it felt like we didn’t even play at all. Where was the competitive Rainmakers team? Was I even in Canada on Saturday? Didn’t we play Catch Phrase all bus ride long?”

“During the play itself, I knew that the guy defending me was much taller and that I’d have no chance to catch the disc if I tried to jump for it with him, especially as Gavin McKibben’s throw was short and directly over my head and starting to float. So I tried to ‘butt train’ the guy by slowing down in his way. The phrase comes from the train industry, when one caboose can ram an engine behind it and stop the entire train in its tracks. Luckily it’s legal in the MLU. And the rest is history.”

“After I caught the disc, I tried to immediately turn it over out the back of the endzone, but Chris Rupp caught it anyways.

Zemel plans to take the prize money and immediately put it into an Ultimate-related fund. Zemel is already on his way to the Middle East to coach Camp Ultimate Peace.

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